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Warner Bros. producer Arthur Trent has hired Dennis Morgan and Jack Carson to star in his latest musical picture, with the working title "Mademoiselle Fifi". The problem Trent faces is that no one wants to work with the two hammy actors. To solve part of Trent's problem, he hires Carson to direct the picture. Carson helming the production leads to further problems in trying to find a leading lady, as anyone of respectability knows that Carson will give himself all the screen time. Meanwhile, small town girl Judy Adams has just arrived in Hollywood and is working at the Warner Bros. commissary. She wants to break into pictures and does whatever she can to meet anyone at the studio who can help her. Initially, neither Morgan or Carson give her the time of day, but Morgan convinces Carson that she is the perfect person to star in the movie if only to get the project off the ground. They, however face an uphill battle in convincing Trent. Carson and Morgan try one hair-brained scheme after another to showcase Judy to a frazzled Trent. Ultimately, Morgan and Carson do believe that Judy has star potential and want to help her even if it's not starring in "Mademoiselle Fifi". They have to balance their want to get Judy onto the big screen against her competing priority of marrying Jeffrey Bushdinkle, the supposedly hayseed farmer boy waiting for her at home in Goerkes Corner, Wisconsin.

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Release Date:

Aug 01, 1949


United States


English, French

Production Companies:

Warner Bros.
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