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Set in the 90's, Richie, 24, dreams of becoming a successful reggae singer and with his first child on the way, he is all the more determined to make it. A Jamaican by birth, Richie has the voice and the looks to propel his band, Ital Reign, to stardom but childhood friend and band mate, Alton Love, envies his talent and sees himself as the band's true lead vocalist. After Richie discovers Alton's true colors this adds fuel to a fire that leaves ashes in the hands of a man who chose to live his best life through another man's legacy, to which he has claimed as his own. 'Ital Reign' is a musically driven film, drawing inspiration from cinematic classics like 'The Harder They Come' and 'Babylon 1980.' Set in the early 90's, 'Ital Reign' fuses exciting original music with old classics from Birmingham, the UK's spiritual home of reggae.

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Release Date:

May 08, 2018


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

The Catalyst Studios, Yellow Wall Productions

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