Inner Projections from a Broken Man (Remastered 2022) full movie is released on Jun 02, 2022. Watch Inner Projections from a Broken Man (Remastered 2022) online - the English Short movie from Denmark. Inner Projections from a Broken Man (Remastered 2022) is directed by Danny Germansen and created by Danny Germansen with Marek Magierecki and Joshua Sandler.

After many years of positive progress and with the newly restoration work of these old films and art-videos. I finally realize that the videos made at the peak of my breakdown, tears down the walls of my apartment and show the world how mentally ill and isolated people live, thinks and feel. Show how the everyday life of the lonely people is. Those people that normally not appears in public spaces because of their problems and are hidden behind the walls in confinement of their apartment, so no one sees them or noticed them. I hope these films/videos can be used as information about those lost and damned people and help to an understanding from the public about these issues.

As know as:

Inner Projections from a Broken Man (Remastered 2022)

Release Date:

Jun 02, 2022





Production Companies:

Brujo Art Company

Official Site:

Official Film Site


Tales from the Down Below of Society, A Semi-autobiographical Work of Art, The Product of my Breakdown

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