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Infidelity in Suburbia full movie is released on Jun 04, 2017. Watch Infidelity in Suburbia online - the English Thriller movie from Canada. Infidelity in Suburbia is directed by David Winning and created by Christie Will Wolf with Sarah Butler and Marcus Rosner. Infidelity in Suburbia is available online on Amazon Video and Google Play Movies.

Married for close to ten years, Laura and Greg Halpern still love each other but don't seem to be in sync on many levels, from parenting their seven year old son Jamie, to the priorities on discretionary spending - Laura who wants a new kitchen, while Greg focuses on what Laura considers the money pit of their sailboat - to Laura believing that Greg spends too much time at work - to their sex life. Greg gives into Laura on the issue of the kitchen when they meet Elliot Graverston, a contractor and sailor who offers to do the project at a reduced rate. Mira, Laura's married friend, opened up to her about the fact that she would willingly cheat with Elliot but, while finding him attractive, Laura remains committed to her wedding vows to Greg despite their problems. When Laura discovers circumstantial evidence that Greg is having an affair, she believing with his work assistant Hanna, Laura turns to Elliot for emotional support, who in turn offers himself sexually to her. In the process of Laura trying to figure out what to do about Greg and about Elliot, she is unaware that Elliot has a troubled past, stemming from his childhood when his father was never there and his mother was moving from one open fling to another. As such, all the Halperns and anyone who is close to them may be in danger at Elliot's hands if Laura ends up turning more to him.

As know as:

Una infidelidad peligrosa, Опасна изневяра, Quel nostro piccolo segreto, Infidelidade perigosa, Infidelity in Suburbia

Release Date (Streaming):

Apr 29, 2020





Production Companies:

Annuit Coeptis Entertainment II, Johnson Production Group

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