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Luke, an operations supervisor, received little recognition at work and abruptly quits. Two years separated from his wife, and now unemployed, he reluctantly goes out-on-the-town to kick-it before moving to Dallas for more work opportunity. Sanaade', a single mother and therapist living in Houston, has time only for her son and clients. As she strives to open a private practice, no thought of a relationship has room to engage her mind or captivate her heart. However, the night comes, in Oklahoma City, when their lives will change. Luke is drunk at the club, harassing different women when Sanaade's natural-high-on-life catches his eye. At their first words, they are connected. Both indifferent about love, fall in love. Their enchanted relationship moves fast with an unexpected pregnancy, finical stress, and with no true understanding of one another, they are left questioning if life's better apart.

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Release Date:

Dec 06, 2020


United States



Production Companies:

Trustworthy Star Productions
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