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Focused on the troublesome past of Residential Schools in the 60's, we see the Indigenous Canadian and their struggles before, during, and after the fact. Specifically following the story of young Saul Indian Horse, and his journey throughout every stereotypical and racist obstacle imaginable. Seemingly on his way to stardom as a talented hockey player, backed by the support of his dream and fellow indigenous teammates belief, the battles continue to develop, and overtime turns him towards the very stereotypes he so desperately fought to overcome. A fair warning that while sport themed, this movie is about much more, and as a warning is exceptionally sad and distressing. Regardless of being well educated in the treatment of Indigenous people back then or not, it's certainly not comfortable to see the portrayal of what life might have been like in the residential schools, and even further what life was like on the road in our own country of Canada during those times. Like climbing a mountain, for every steep incline you think the movie is finally on the up and up, until a crashing stagnant detail hits, and the battle becomes that much more difficult for young Saul. He's so close to establishing the dream, the great feat, but against all odds, who could imagine facing this battle on one's own. All things considered, the movie is certainly not your run of the mill sports movie that progresses towards a...well you should watch for yourself and see.

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Apr 13, 2018





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Devonshire Productions, Screen Siren Pictures

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