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M'zayy Is a very influential artist from New York, who is versatile and can shift gears (different flows) at any moment when it comes to the music industry. Zayy is currently in school majoring in business marketing and also minor in music. At a very young age and a short experience in music he shows great talent and potential. Zayy has been making songs and recording since the pandemic happened, in that short period of time he hit 1 million on his song "Broken" on soundcloud and 18.8k on Spotify dealing with his latest album "Mixed Emotions", his love for music is what drives him everyday. Growing up M'Zayy was always the center of attention due to his personality and how he carries himself. But throughout these times he went through a lot of challenges which made him who he is today, you can know just by listening to his songs. Zayy carries himself as a role model for his community, A business man, Artist, Actor, and Model.

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Release Date:

Jan 12, 2021


United States



Production Companies:

M'Zayy Dripp Ent

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Official YouTube
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