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A short film that deals with the body shaming issue. A big beautiful woman is working out when she's approached by a slender, attractive, seemingly "Fitness Guru". We find out that our big, beautiful woman Our big beautiful woman is NOT putting up with it this time. She's been through it all. Our lady has been approached by people selling diets, people selling coaching, people selling gym memberships and not once have they gotten to know her, but they all just assume our lady is a miserable, over eater with no self control and despite their fees for services and products - these healthy salespeople were all going to solve her FAT problem for her, as if they knew her enough to come up with a solution - a HIGH priced solution. So our beautiful plus sized lady isn't having it anymore. She's not gonna hear another sales pitch or put up with another "fitness" hawker making her feel bad about her size and eating habits. Our larger than usual heroine isn't having it when the skinny, fitness guru lady hands her a before and after set of pictures and explains - " I know what you are feeling" - "That used to be me." The beautiful, in shape lady used to a be a big beautiful woman and she wants to help our heroine - she wants our hero to join her "program", her "fitness plan" - our small sized, work-out guru explains, "I do have a plan - it's called FRIENDSHIP!" and our hero smiles as the two women shake hands and become friends. I'M FAT is a short that deals with a matter that is right out of the headlines and the story puts it all in perspective, so that by the end of the piece not only has the audience been educated, but they will feel hopeful and with promise.

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Jan 01, 2018


United States



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