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Naples, 1969. Enrico Gargiulo, a travelling salesman renting a small room in the humble home of Mr. and Mrs. Coppola, having returned early from a business trip to Milan, learns that Mr. Coppola had died the day before his arrival from a massive heart attack and that his funeral had been held a few hours earlier. In spite of his surprise and sorrow for what had happened, the man, suffering from the symptoms of a nagging flu, wished to go and rest but learned from his neighbors that his room had been used as a funeral room to expose the deceased to the visit of friends and relatives and that before being used it required due cleaning. Impressed, he confides his fears to a doctor who goes to visit him, but the man of science reassures him by explaining that the dead should not terrorize and that, if anything, it is the living that should be afraid of. Wary and superstitious Enrico Gargiulo remains alone in the house and through a series of unexpected revelations will soon understand that the doctor was perfectly right.

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Release Date:

Jul 12, 2019


Italy, Romania


Italian, Romanian

Production Companies:

Compagnia Sirena Partenope, Idea Trade Tre Bucarest, Mario Salieri Productions

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