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Stuart Bailey is a suave Los Angeles based private investigator who, along with his faithful secretary/assistant Hazel Bixby, is always quick with the witty repartee. He is hired by public official Ralph Johnson who has received two somewhat threatening notes, the anonymous sender who says he will expose Johnson's wife of seven month's shady past, she, the former Jane Breegar from Portland, Oregon, who he knows only to be an innocent sorority girl. While he doesn't believe anything is shady in her past which she denies anyway, Johnson still wants Bailey to discover both who sent the notes and more importantly if there is any truth to what the notes purport. In his investigation, Bailey does find that Jane has a showgirl past life, her former Portland boss, Keller, will go to extreme lengths, including using violence, to find her. He also meets Norma Shannon, who is also looking for her in claiming to be her sister, Jane long having disappeared out of her life. Because of his investigation, a multitude of people are seemingly after Bailey, they believing he the key to whatever their end goal, some only wanting to find Jane, while others trying to hide the truth.

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Release Date:

Jan 15, 1948


United States



Production Companies:

Cornell Pictures
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