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A profile of actor Burt Reynolds, *the* movie star of his day in the late 1970s, is presented. His first loves, in no particular order, were football and women, he having had very high profile relationships, most notably, in order, with singer Dinah Shore, and actresses Sally Field and Loni Anderson, the latter who would become the only Mrs. Reynolds, the marriage which led to the other love of his life, being father to their adopted son Quinton A. Reynolds. Injury would sideline his potential football career, and would lead to him making his first foray into the acting class and eventually into acting as a career. With a number of supporting roles on television in the 1960s, he would go on to an acclaimed role in Deliverance (1972), which marked the turning point in that acting career. With decisions to appear in the first ever male nude centerfold in Cosmopolitan magazine and continual appearances on the television talk show circuit, not as an actor plugging a movie, but as a witty and thus entertaining guest as an extension of his good ol' southern boy self, would mark him more as a movie star than a serious actor. With box office and thus financial success came he giving back to family and friends, and ultimately to the acting community in building the Burt Reynolds Theater and associated acting school in Jupiter, Florida. Physical and emotional pain, the latter from a lifetime of wanting to please, led to an associated struggle in his life in the 1980s, with a resurgence in the 1990s with an Emmy winning role in the sitcom Evening Shade (1990), and his only Oscar nomination for Boogie Nights (1997), that movie a risk in if not acclaimed would also damage his public persona in portraying a not particularly likable character within the salacious world of pornography, those prior acting roles which made him famous being extensions of himself.

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Dec 17, 2020





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LINK Entertainment, Network Entertainment
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