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American best friends Josh and Pax, staying at hostels along the way, decide to backpack through Europe following college graduation to indulge in all their hedonistic fantasies in part to help Josh recover from the heartache of a breakup. Josh ends up being more willing in spirit than he is in body. In Paris, they meet Icelandic Oli, who joins them as he is in the same pursuit, he even more open to those indulgences. They believe they can't surpass their experiences in Amsterdam until they are told of a hostel in Slovakia just outside of Bratislava where their sexual experiences can be taken to the next level. There, they initially find that the stories are nothing compared to their actual experiences, far exceeding their expectations. However, those fantasies quickly turn to nightmares as they end up separated by design, their new hell from which they may never be able to escape.

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Release Date:

Jan 06, 2006


United States, Czech Republic


English, Czech, German, Dutch, Slovak, Japanese, Icelandic, Russian, Spanish

Production Companies:

Next Entertainment, Raw Nerve, International Production Company

Gross worldwide:

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