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After being rejected by his college heartthrob for his unpleasant looks a village hunk tries his best to become HERO and lands up the lead role in an uncanny film being made by a motley crew of amateur filmmakers who are trying to make the most unique movie ever filmed in the history of world cinema by capturing true Love from real life. Soon after the film production starts the line between film and reality begins to blur and the hero has to decide between being a real life hero or reel hero. A situational comedy which turns the concept of true love and the process of film making on its head spinning into a hilarious adventure leading to a startling climax. This is a movie within a movie. with no vulgarity. it is a clean film which can be watched with family. HosaPrem is a unique romantic comedy Assamese movie. The theme/concept of the movie has never been explored in cinemas worldwide, making it a first of its kind Romantic comedy Cinema in the whole world.

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Jan 05, 2018





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Aabegg Entertainment

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