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Megan is the one person show behind the business Christmas for Hire, which centers on her expert DIY skills to fix any Christmas decorating or entertaining problem, especially at the last minute. Beyond having paying customers, most desperate for her to fix whatever problems they may be facing, she also donates much of her time to charities, such as her best friend Jenny's charity, Big and Little Heroes. It is also through Jenny's 9-to-5 job that Megan meets Chase, the head of his own lucrative design firm. He is outwardly the man of her dreams, Jenny encouraging Megan to pursue those dreams in believing they being a good match, which Chase obviously believes as well in they starting to date. One of Megan's customers this season is Trinkets and Toys, which sells artisan crafted items only. Owner/operators Kurt and Mike hire her for the straightforward job of decorating the Christmas tree in their store, they out to impress David, their only potential investor in Kurt's goal to expand the business to be able to compete against the big box retailers whose business model he doesn't want to emulate in keeping to those artisan crafted items. But in a mix-up leading to a misunderstanding, Kurt and Mike feel they have no other choice but additionally to hire Megan solely to be the face of the pitch to David, Kurt who wants to limit her involvement otherwise in he being the brains behind the pitch. Megan and Kurt's initial animosity toward each other due to the situation is exacerbated by Kurt not wanting her involved otherwise despite she believing her skills making her a benefit. But as Megan and Kurt begin to spend more time together, they each begin to believe that they have a copacetic outlook on life and that they work well as a team in striving for common goals. With Chase still in the picture, Megan may not be able to see that while he is the man of her dreams, he is not a kindred spirit like Kurt with who she is truly falling in love. What happens between Megan and Kurt may depend on the outcome of the pitch to David and what role each of Megan and Kurt plays in that success or failure.

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Release Date:

Nov 22, 2020





Production Companies:

Reel One Pictures
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