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Strangers thank her, the prime minister thanks her and the entirety of Amsterdam even applauds her from their balconies when they decide to 'applaud our health care workers'. Bettie experiences a new found self-respect when she finally receives the appreciation she's always deserved. She finds the courage to stand up for herself more, both in work and at home. We witness her transform into a true heroine, including slow motion walk-ups and bystanders recognising her costume. She proudly wears it while grocery shopping and enjoys the respectful looks her costume provides her. But when we finally get the message everyone has been waiting for and all the government measures are reversed, it's difficult for Bettie to be truly happy. Will everything go back to how it was before the crisis? Home Care Bettie is a convincingly empathetic story, told through the usage of the superhero genre. It's a loving portrait of people like Bettie who work hard all their lives for the well-being of others, not because of want to be complimented but because it's what they love to do. The film makes usage of surrealistic and comedic elements, but remains an intimate and relatable story about the basic human need for recognition and self-confidence.

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Release Date:

Nov 11, 2021





Production Companies:

Staccato Films, Stichting Buurtzorg
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