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Harry Sandmann, head of a Munich advertising agency, is trying to come up with an inspiring idea for the market launch of a new brand of Bavarian whisky. One day he goes to the village of Radlkofen in Lower Bavaria to visit the carpenter Leopold Wanninger. On seeing Wanninger's son in the carpenter's workshop, he is fascinated to note that the young man looks just like Jesus. Suddenly Sandmann has a vision that could potentially solve all his problems. The idea begins to take shape: the whisky is to be called "Holy Spirit", and Sandmann is able to launch a cheeky publicity campaign with Leopold Wanninger's son, Gustl. Appearing as a whisky-drinking "Jesus" in humorous TV commercials, Gustl rapidly becomes a media star. "Holy Spirit" sales figures skyrocket. But tragedy strikes at the peak of his success: a young woman is cruelly murdered and Gustl of all people falls under suspicion. Having shot to stardom, Gustl Wanninger is suddenly dropped like a hot potato. Could he really be the culprit?

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Release Date:

Dec 19, 2019




German, English, Spanish

Production Companies:

Don't tell mama e.V., Unifinance Media
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