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Nestled, and almost hidden in plain sight, in southeast Portland is Kelly Butte. At it's top exists a practically abandoned park space with a few hiking trails, but it's so invisible to the bustling city around it that there's not even a sign directing citizens to the entryway to the park. It's almost like the city would rather everyone forget the park, and the butte itself, are even there. However, this abandoned beauty has a rich history including one of Portland's earliest prisons, a tuberculosis hospital, a 9-1-1 call center and, most intriguing, a Cold War-era fallout bunker built in preparation for the potential of a nuclear war with the Soviet Union. The location, at least in recent history, has been known to give its few patrons a odd feeling and a sense of dread. Filmmaker Stephen Poole visits this forgotten place, discussing its history and having his own personal run-ins with the more paranormal side of this strange butte.

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Release Date:

Oct 31, 2018


United States



Production Companies:

Silly Sister Pictures
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