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Cowboy Frank T. Hopkins, who has an Indian mother, was wounded and traumatized for life as US Cavalry scout at the Wounded Knee Massacre and joint Buffalo Bill's world travelling (Ringling Circus) Wild West show as horse stuntman as well as reputed horse racer. An Arabian sheikh comes dare him to defend the show billing as the world's greatest endurance rider, by entering -as first Westerner- the millennial great 'ocean of fire' race across the unforgiving Arab deserts, which always eliminates most riders, often fatally. Hopkins enters with the first-ever non-thoroughbred, his trusted mustang Hidalgo. As if learning the harsh country in the act weren't hard enough, he must contend with contempt for infidels and impure horses, as well as competitors stopping at nothing, including the Enlish lady davenport who employs one, having wagered against the obvious favorite, the champions from the stable of Sheikh Riyadh, whose tomcat daughter sides with Hopkins, which proves both helpful and as a mortal a danger as a sand storm.

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Release Date:

Mar 05, 2004


United States, Morocco


English, Arabic, Sioux

Production Companies:

Touchstone Pictures, Casey Silver Productions, Dune Films

Gross worldwide:

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