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In an attempt to manage her grief after the death of her brother, Jim, Kate invites those who knew him best to join her social netball team; secretly hoping to uncover more about the circumstances surrounding his untimely passing. The inappropriately-named team, 'Jim's Reapers', is composed of Kate, Marc, Maia, Will, Ella and an unlikely 6th player - a substitute from the team's soon-to-be arch nemesis, the Dragonites. Kate's plan quickly turns to disarray as she finds herself struggling to manage the troubled group of "friends". From relationship issues to temperamental discipline and an overbearing Manager, their hopelessness at netball turns out to be the least of their problems. Only when unified by the threat of receiving the wooden spoon are they able to set aside their differences and find common ground.

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Jun 08, 2022


New Zealand



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Third Culture Productions

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