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A social drama told through the eyes of Andrey, a young immigrant living with his little sister in the slums of the city of Ashdod and struggling to assimilate into Israeli society, who forms a hip-hop band with his three best friends. Surviving day to day, they devote their time to rehearsing for an audition to an upcoming international music festival. They believe that winning the musical competition will allow them to make their voices heard, to influence their harsh reality. Their dream of taking part in the competition seems shattered when ANDREY, our main character, suffers a crisis at home. Andrey's father has been in the hospital for months, leaving Andrey responsible for his little sister and for making payments on their mortgage. He can't juggle caring for his sister, rehearsing, and working all at once. Andrey falls behind on the mortgage payments and racks up a huge debt. The bank threatens foreclosure on the apartment, and social services threaten to take his sister away. Andrey feels helpless, which leads him to search for solutions in the world of organized crime. Andrey's band mates desperately try to help him, risking not only their dream but their lives.

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Oct 24, 2019




Hebrew, Russian

Production Companies:

Laila Films

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