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Prince Lassman wanders on the hunt. He curiously enters the castle spring there magically by fairy mother Cleo as another absurdly unselfish wish from Helene in desperate attempts to meet the impossible demands of her wicked ingrate stepmother Gertrud, who expects Helene to slave at all kinds of jobs. They picnic in the wood, fall in love at first sight and agree to meet back there. However the king insists Lassman should honor the promise made at a neighbor king's daughter Josephine's birth to conclude an alliance by marriage, which they heirs only learn now. Lassman risks being repudiated to seek his true love, but finds her gone and Gertrud lies she was killed by (imaginary) robbers. Heartbroken, Lassman accepts his political duty. Helene wanders off and disgusted by Gertrud and moves in with an old goat herd, who prospers with her self-reliant help, and gets famous enough as seamstress to be recruited for Josephine's wedding dress. Lassman spots her and goes for love.

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Release Date:

Dec 25, 2020





Production Companies:

Zieglerfilm Köln