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Finally out of the much too small apartment and enough space for all four: The Seewalds - Martin and Karla with their children Mats and Finja - have been dreaming of this for a long time. Unfortunately, in Berlin with the income of a tiler and a nurse, that's downright illusory. With all sorts of tricks and on credit, the two still manage to bid on a little house in the countryside. Although it is only half-finished, it is idyllically situated on the edge of the forest and there are even free-ranging goats in the vicinity. The kids are excited. Unfortunately, the Seewalds soon face unexpected problems, because their house turns out to be a shantytown, the craftsmen get on their nerves and Mats is having trouble at school. The newcomers also have a hard time with the neighborhood: while they only see the strange Lisbeth at the window, Rufus makes life difficult for them with his free-roaming goats. When Karla, meanwhile completely exhausted due to the double burden of job and building a house, makes a serious mistake on the night shift and Martin is absent, everything seems to have conspired against the Seewalds. Now, of all times, unexpected help arrives.

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Nov 24, 2017





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Sabotage Films GmbH
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