Haunting Ground (also know as Demento) full movie is released on May 10, 2005. Watch Haunting Ground online - the English Horror movie from Japan. Haunting Ground is directed by Kazuhiro Tsuchiya and created by Makoto Ikehara with Cornelia Hayes O'Herlihy and Greg Ellis.

Fiona Belli is an 18 year old college student on her way home with her parents for a bit of rest. The car suddenly loses control and crashes, killing Fiona's parents and sending her into a coma. Later Fiona wakes up naked in a cellar while locked in a dog cage. She escapes and finds she is on the grounds of a grand castle estate. She soon finds her way into the castle and into a room where she meets one of the inhabitants of the castle, Daniella. Daniella, the castle maid, provides Fiona with some clothing and then zones out almost like she is in a trance. Fiona then explores more of the grounds and eventually runs into Debilitas, a deformed gardener of the estate who develops a sick fascination for Fiona. He chases her around the castle until she runs into Riccardo, the castle's grounds keeper. He tells her, her parents are dead and she is now the sole heir to the castle. Unable to cope with this information Fiona passes out and awakens in a bed room. Soon she hears a cry from outside and sees a white German Shepard being strangled by a wire and soon releases him. She discovers his name is Hewie and the two instantly form a bond in this strange prison. Hewie and Fiona must rely on each other if they want to escape the castle and regain their freedom.

As know as:

Demento, Haunting Ground, Demento





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Capcom Company

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True fear lies deep within your mind...

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