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Jari is a middle aged poorly employed and mediocre schlager musician who's landed a gig as a stand-in drummer in a band whose members - Eliel, Niko and Essi - are all twenty years younger than he. Jari is joining the budding musicians to play at a wedding. The orchestra prepares in a small, traditional workers' house, and as Jari gets dressed he notices that, unusually, the tie he finds in his garment bag is untied. Jari doesn't know how to tie a tie, but can't ask his younger colleagues for help, as he's already spent the whole evening dishing out fatherly advice to them. He has a few minutes to come up with a solution to his problem without making a fool of himself. Wedding Waltz is a comedy about what happens backstage at the workers' house during the moments before the first dance. It's a humoristic overview of the Finnish people in gladrags and, above all, it's a film about pride which turns on itself.

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Mar 04, 2019





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Boogy Productions, ELO Film School

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