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Our story takes place in the Blue Briar Neighborhood, a simple, small community in the South. One of the most well known residents of the neighborhood is Gwen. She is known for many things, but mainly her love (and slight obsession) for eggs. The film gives us a glimpse of Gwen's day-to-day life; her routines, her chicken coop, and her cooking. Her passion for eggs has brought her home the "Best Dish" prize four years in a row at the Blue Briar Neighborhood Fair. Gwen places all of her pride and self-acceptance in her skills and awards, until the Spring of 2009: the year she lost. After her devastating loss, she learns the art of peace and acceptance through her boyfriend Nate and his overly optimistic, happy-go-lucky attitude. For this year's Fair, Gwen pulls out all the stops, making half a dozen different egg dishes, hoping to be crowned Queen once more. The winner is announced and Gwen reacts just as expected.

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Release Date:

Jul 26, 2019


United States



Production Companies:

University of Central Arkansas (UCA)

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Gwen Facebook Page