Gulp full movie is released on Jan 18, 2001. Watch Gulp online - the English Short movie from United States. Gulp is directed by Jason Reitman and created by Jason Reitman with Jason Carpenter and Regan Wynne.

Francis has just changed his new fish's water, and the fish is freaking out. Francis calls a pal who tells him the fish needs salt water, not fresh water, and hasn't long to live; so Francis sets out, fish in fresh water in a plastic bag, to save it. He must first find his car, deal with an unsympathetic vet, tape a leaky bag, get to a pet store where he confronts the manager and the manager's bouncer, stare into the eyes of a helpful clerk who offers ocean salt, and then hightail it for the beach. Luckily, Francis lives in L.A. Will the fish drown before Francis gets it to the sea? Wave good-by.

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United States



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Watch Out for the Bears Productions, Tate & Partners

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