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A man named Malli, who was already in love with a girl, said to his friend Sreenu, "You love a girl like me too". On his way to college on the bus, Sreenu saw and laughed at three beautiful girls walking on the road. With their favorable response Sreenu immediately decided to love those three girls. But the decision left only disappointment. The villagers of the three girls noticed him. Result was multiple blows. Sreenu took the decision that he doesn't want to love anyone anymore. But the period is very tricky. Sreenu is used to boarding a running bus, but one day he slips while boarding the bus. A beautiful girl named Sandhya grabs his hand and protects him. Sreenu starts loving Sandhya from that day. Sreenu thought "Love is a blessing". One day when Sreenu proposes his love to Sandhya, she is frightened and calls "Anna". Frustrated with Sandhya's behavior, Sreenu decides that "love is a curse" "I will never love anyone again in my life," Sreenu promises to his friends. At the same time a boy comes there and tells Sreenu that a girl has come home. Immediately Sreenu changes his mind and leaves his friends and goes home to see that girl. Sreenu's friends were amazed at Sreenu's behavior. The story is what Sreenu did when he failed to fall in love with everyone he loved.

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Oct 09, 2020





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Movie Bees Media
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