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GULAG MAGADAN follows Marxist USSR dissidents Elizabeta, Pyotr, and Larisa, as they talk with one other in the Gulag, and begin to examine both one other and themselves. Dissident Larisa a former art student, forced to be the mistress of a Commissar, had a Commissar's baby as she thought it would protect her. Dissident Elizabeta, former GRU agent, begins to unravel the real reason she is in the GULAG, she had pride in her Karelian people, an ethnic minority in the USSR. Dissident Pyotr, the camp doctor, who has never given up his Old Believer Christian morals of not having hate. Pyotr changes to have Hate of injustice. Elizabeta begins a Manifesto, encoded to smuggle out as she becomes a Saint. Larisa survives a horrific flashback of gang rapes in Communist Party brothels, and begins to reprogram her mind, to regain her Pride. While several of the Dissidents, Dasha, Sveta, and Verka either go into survival mode or insane, the Commissar Yagoda begins to close in on Pyotr and Elizabeta, with horrific and tragic consequences. Larisa and the rest of the Gulag Dissidents slog on in the dehumanizing Gulag slave work.

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Oct 30, 2017


United States


English, Russian, Finnish

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