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In a small town just around the bend bend a terrible accident occurs. This accident creates a dilemma. Where to hide the body. Well the local butchers seems like a good idea till selling the body becomes very lucrative. What started out as a mishap becomes a commercial success, but supply is limited. Well, just gonna have to start looking for more product in this sleepy little town, starting with the local, pain in the ass, used car lot manager. What next, well, one things leads to another and ultimately in a small town you eventually get caught. However, the story never ends there. The Towns beauty queen has been accidentally run over by a drunk lawn service guy. His brother, the butcher in this small town, helps him get rid of the body. This leads to sales increase and his brother desires more product. While they argue over the phone another mishap and a second body must now be lucratively sold to the public as 'Prime Ground Beef'. Soon it becomes necessary to kill again as alarms have been set and people are getting nosy. In the end it does not end well for the brother but it does not end entirely. One brother survives and when released from prison considers his only option of survival. 'Butchering'. Continued.

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Release Date:

Apr 28, 2021


United States



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Maxamus Films
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