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Early-thirtysomething dentist Dr. Charlie Logan has never experienced true love, despite having many girlfriends over the years. He starts to get a reputation at one ex-girlfriend's wedding, when she says she met her new husband right after a night with Charlie. He then discovers that more women he slept with have met their true loves soon afterward. He is encouraged to exploit this good-luck charm reputation by his long-time best friend Dr. Stu Klaminsky, a sex-obsessed, sex-starved schlub who became a plastic surgeon so he could masturbate over the sight of women's breasts. Charlie doesn't want to be solely a stepping stone for women, which is how they end up treating him once he gains this reputation as a lucky charm, but rather one's true love. He believes the woman of his dreams is accident-prone Cam Wexler, who works as the penguin caretaker at the aquarium. Cam initially doesn't want to date Charlie because of his reputation as a one-night-stand type of guy, and Charlie doesn't want to sleep with Cam as he is certain she will find her true love after they do. Cam's true love seems destined to be penguin expert Howard Blaine. To get to true happiness, Charlie feels he needs to speak to Anisha Carpenter, who he feels is the cause of his current problems. Anisha ends up helping him in a way he doesn't expect.

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Release Date:

Sep 21, 2007


United States, Canada



Production Companies:

Lionsgate, Karz Entertainment, Province of British Columbia Production Services Tax Credit

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