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After graduation, Ava moves back to her mother Mavie, but she is not really happy with it. Not only does she have to share her old room with her mother's huge home trainer, but she also has a new boyfriend, who is barely older than Ava herself. She can no longer connect to her old friends, her love life is practically nonexistent and even a job that could give her a bit of everyday structure is missing from the young woman, who is increasingly sinking into hopelessness. Although Ava can hardly save herself from well-meant advice from her environment, they are not really helpful. When she finally lands in the theater, where she can start as a guest student, but her life takes a turn. Because now she not only has a job, but also gets to know actor Jonas, whom she quickly approaches.

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Release Date:

Aug 29, 2019




German, English

Production Companies:

Amerikafilm, BerghausWöbke Filmproduktion
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