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Gohiner Gaan is a full-length musical film written and directed by Sadat Hossain, which tells the story of conflict between stardom and personal life of a star singer. Asif Akbar role-played the character of the star singer in this film. He is always busy with his music and has very little time to spend with his family. This creates turbulence in the relationship between him and his wife (Role-played by Tanzika Amin). Tanzika starts to believe that Asif loves his career more than he loves her. As a result, distance in their relationship enlarges. Due to Asif's indifference, this distance drives Tanzika intolerant. At this point, Asif starts telling the story of a Painter's (Role-played by Syed Hasan Imam) life to his wife. The story of a lonely-old-widower painter, who also fought similar battle between stardom and personal life. All of a sudden, at his later age, this painter comes across a young girl (Role-played by Toma Mirza). From that moment, the film portrays the complex stories of love, affection, passion, joy, conflicts and hatred of both of the singer and painter's life in a parallel way. Through the complexity of these characters' lives, the film almost accurately paints the picture of everyone who is struggling to balance between their own life and love. All these stories are articulated through 9 (Nine) songs. Stories and dialogues are used to glue these songs together. These songs are written and tuned by Zahid Husain Tarun, Rajiv Ahmed, Sadat Hossain and Pallab Sanyal.

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Dec 20, 2019





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