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Vina (Maizura), a high school teenager, who comes from a city in West Java, moves to a high school in the capital city of Jakarta. On her first day at school, Vina is laughed at because of her accent and is also intimidated by a male student. Luckily, Vina is helped to adapt by respected four girls and a boy. There is Kris (Sheryl Sheinafia) the leader, Jessica (Agatha Pricilla) who is funny and obsessed with beauty, Gina (Zulfa Maharani), the richest child in the group, the beautiful and mysterious Suci (Lutesha), and Jojo (Baskara Mahendra), the only male. Vina quickly becomes part of the gang, known as the Free Gang. Their togetherness is disturbed by a tragic event that causes these six friends to be separated. All the events in their teens are revealed when Vina (Marsha Timothy) meets again unintentionally with Kris (Susan Bachtiar) at the hospital. Kris, whose life is sentenced to be soon pass away, asks Vina to collect the Free Gang again so she could meet everyone one last time. Vina's journey to find her friends one by one, Jessica (Indy Barends), Jojo (Baim Wong), Gina (Widi Mulia), and the mysterious Suci, leads to the story of the young Free Gang that make them realize how life in adulthood makes them forget who they are in fact.

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Release Date:

Oct 03, 2019


Indonesia, South Korea



Production Companies:

Miles Films, CJ Entertainment, Base Entertainment
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