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After escaping near-death by government assassin Russell Brown, a teen backyard wrestler, Kelcey Coe, grows up to live his life in peace in the United Kingdom. But all of that changes when Russell Brown seeks to find and destroy his life once and for all - but not before Russell finds out his wife, fatal fem fatal and the world's deadliest female assassin, Rachel, has put a hit on him - as he is forced to battle an all-female assassin squad of man-hating assassins falsely promised with a million-dollar death bounty - all while she savagely lures hungry, unsuspecting attention-seeking models into the backwoods of Columbus, Ohio, forcing them to fight to the death inside a brutal steel cage with the promise of a multi-million dollar contract and entry into GirlFight: Model Kombat, for which they're already unknowingly a part of. Now Russell Brown and Kelcey Coe must join forces and fly to the states to eradicate his wife from hell - once and for all. All this craziness adds up in one of the world's most "ground-breaking, a fresh of breath air" (Stacey Cox, DecayMag) independent, martial-arts model mash-up found-footage art-house ultra-violent nightmare horror parody film from Girl Power - Feminists Unite. GirlFight: Model Kombat empowers women by shattering through the glass ceiling, opening doors to an all-female ensemble featuring many models and actresses from various genres put into movie roles in this deadly martial arts mashup typically oriented to males. Careful consideration and intricate detail was ensured to make sure the film portrays women in a positive light, respecting women as human beings and not objects. Women in the film do not share common gender-based roles - many times the women are actually in charge and the men are inferior to the women. They are often very strong, independent, and capable characters to which younger women can relate. "We approach female empowerment through violence like Wonder Woman, Star Wars, and The Mummy - just with a lot more violence and without all the snazzy superheroes and special effects."

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Apr 05, 2018


United States



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