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Ellie has a habit of ghosting all guys that she meets in dating apps as soon as they want to meet for real or after the first date. She work as a game designer and is very ambitious and often uses this as an excuse when she explains her ghosting habits to her family. At the company's Christmas party she meets a fortune teller that predicts that if she doesn't contact all the guys that she has ghosted and explain herself before the night at Christmas eve she will never find true love. Ellie has a hard time to believe that this is true but also not the guts to ignore it. Leading up to Christmas she gets the chance to promote an idea for a new game that she has and to help her she's assigned one of the company's developers, Charlie. Working with her he's also drawn into Ellies crusade to apologize to all the guys she's ghosted.

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Release Date:

Oct 07, 2022


United States



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Champlain Media
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