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In spring 2021, not many people would have assumed that Nyke Slawik's (Green Party) candidacy for the German Bundestag could be successful. On September 26, newspapers eventually headlined: "Nyke Slawik and Tessa Ganserer - the First Transwomen in the German Bundestag". But behind Nyke's story is more than just this headline. The documentary follows Nyke in the months of her candidacy until her successful election. Meanwhile, Audrey Dilangu (Social Democratic Party) from the small town Dinslaken in North Rhine-Westphalia and Lilli Fischer (Christian Democratic Union) from Erfurt, Thüringen, fight their own battles in German local politics. All three protagonists have one thing in common: they get involved despite of hateful messages, despite of sexism and racism in a so far male-dominated political world. Nyke became a symbol of hope for the international L.G.T.B.I.Q. + movement. Lilli connects being young and being conservative. Audrey, as a black politician from a family who had to flee their home country, insists of new perspectives and diversity in German democracy. GERMANY REPRESENT - YOUNG, FEMALE, POLITICAL shows the challenges our protagonists have to face in their political engagement. The documentary takes the worries and thoughts of the young German generation seriously, gives them a platform and conveys why so many young people are protesting for their political causes.

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May 04, 2022





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Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg