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The film is set during the dark era of emergency in 1975. Mahatma Gandhi had a pet bakri that got lost after his assassination. Some politically motivated people, thugs actually, catch hold of a bakri and claim that it is Gandhiji's bakri, which they discovered in a village totally neglected. They do this by conning people into believing that a goat owned by a poor villager lady, (Savli) belongs to Mahatma Gandhi and that it has magical powers. They want to build an ashram for it and want money for that. They fool the people and collect money. These thugs come to power by exploiting the symbol of the bakri.Ultimately, youngsters and the educated people revolt against this regime.The play is a sociopolitical statement, in the form of a satire, to show the mask of Gandhi's philosophy worn by post-independant political systems full of greed and farce. 'Bakri' is a timeless political satire play written by Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena.

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Dec 30, 2019





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Heli Films
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