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Fesse loves a good game of pool (billiards) and loves to hang out at the local pool lounge and watch the guys compete. She detests the reigning, loud-mouth champion, Shawn, because of his cockiness and show-off attitude; and secretly wishes someone could finally defeat him and shut him up for good. A mysterious gentleman, Marcus, shows up and not only dethrones Shawn, but also humiliates him in the process, of course attracting the attention, awe and admiration of Fesse. But is it all a coincidence? Game, is in one breath a story about an actual game of wit and grit between a group of expert pool players; while in another light, "Game" as the urban slang goes, is about courtship, playing the right cards at the right time, pulling a fast one on an unsuspecting target, making yourself "available" without seeming to.

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Release Date:

Nov 20, 2017




English, French

Production Companies:

The Nambangi Brothers
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