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"Gaja's World" is a contemporary romantic family comedy with elements of a crime film. The story deals with the common problems of today's kids' life: separation of parents, alienation in the family, and the dangers of the Internet. With this we address both teens and their parents. However, we do not ignore the dynamics, humor, emotions, or suspense. The main character, 11-year-old Gaja, introduces her unusual family and the world in which she lives. After Mother's departure to Africa on the mission of the Doctors Without Borders, this world undergoes a significant change. Her father must learn how to take care of his daughters on his own. Gaja's sister Tea's teenage naivete' lands her in a world of online threats and crime, but clever, crafty Gaja can hand all the problems. Her best friend Matic, a computer genius, is always under attack from his more powerful classmates, but Gaja is not afraid of anyone. She proves that the weakest can be the strongest if the brains and the heart are in the right place. Despite occasional violations of the rules, Gaja's decisions match that cordial and sincere world that always touches us. Whatever happens, Gaja is not a passive observer: she always bravely takes matters into her own hands. The main message of the film is that the courage always brings the solution to the problem, and this is also the belief that every parent would want to transmit to his/her children.

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Sep 12, 2018





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Felina Films

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