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Throughout his journey, Fernando Gabeira seems to have lived several lives and embodied multiple characters - journalist, guerrilla, writer, politician - always on the front line, a non-stop militant. Despite the dominant balanced personality, Gabeira represents several important periods of the national scene: he participated on the kidnapping of the American ambassador Charles Elbrick in 1969 (that yielded the book and the film O Que é Isso, Companheiro? (1997)), was a political prisoner, lived in exile, shook morals and good manners wearing a crocheted thong on Ipanema beach and giving speeches on marijuana. He was a federal deputy and had an intense involvement in the Green Party (Partido Verde, PV). It is difficult to mention one relevant theme of national life that has not been manifested or acted upon. The documentary interweaves the main interview to archive footage and testimonials - from ex-wives to the current one, the daughters Tami and surfer Maya, and includes admirers like Nelson Motta, cousin Leda Nagle, journalist Cora Rónai, or the economist Armínio Fraga, who classifies Gabeira as a "liberal with a heart".

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Nov 23, 2017





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Bufões Produções Culturais, Globo Filmes, GloboNews

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