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On the day of his wife's funeral, Patrick wants to take his own life. But suddenly Malte shows up with him, his best friend from his youth, whom he has not seen for over 30 years. While Malte apparently wants to build on the old friendship seamlessly, Patrick initially remains aloof and reproaches the unexpected visitor for his disappearance from the small town and his life at the time. He wonders what Malte wants from him and why he's back now. In the course of a day and night that they spend in the house of Patrick's parents, the scene of their youth, it turns out that Malte did not appear again by accident. Things are said that were previously unsaid. The next morning both men see their lives in a completely new light and nothing is as it was .

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Release Date:

Oct 20, 2021




German, Italian

Production Companies:

Hessischer Rundfunk (HR)
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