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Sarah Jones is a fourteen-year-old slave girl, who dreams of her family one day living outside the hoperville plantation in Washington, North Carolina. There's only one elder who has the answers that Sarah needs, and shares it with her just before she dies. Sarah must convince to her mother and five brothers that she must get in the big house to recover a doll that has a map on it to the freedom land. The family is hysterical and totally against it because of the risk. After Sarah expresses this is what she must do with or without them, there was no turning back. Sarah got the trust of the overseer and convinced to him that she can be a big help to her master working in the big house. Sarah began to put her plan into motion. Not long after her move to the "Big house" Sarah retrieves the doll, and begins executing her plan for freedom. Sarah and her flee into the night.. They ran and did not look back until they got to the FREEDOM land called Regur, a magical place which name means "Black Soil". Her family's world is forever changed in this land where Black Kings and Queens RULE.

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Release Date:

Jul 12, 2022


United States



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Bearhugs Productions

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