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Sophia Worthy, a documentary filmmaking graduate, has just started working as a producer at Super Real Productions, which specializes in reality television, the job for her solely to pay the bills. It's early November, and with their story idea having just fallen through for the premier episode of "Extreme Holidays", it the Christmas episode to air Christmas Eve, her boss, Paul Rivera, believes he's found a new Christmas subject in thirty-three year old scenic designer Will Saunders, a man who has decorated the interior of his house in a Christmas theme all year 'round, he probably doing the same for the exterior if not for the court injunction by one of his bah-humbug neighbors not allowing him to do so until Thanksgiving. Instead of the oddball she expects to meet, Sophia finds Will is sincere in his reasons for this Christmas obsession. In part pushing the right buttons, Sophia is able to convince a skeptical Will to be the subject for the Christmas episode, with one of those buttons being to highlight his many charitable efforts, including for the homeless, he actually employing a temporarily homeless man, Hank, around his house. That convincing also includes one lie: that she is as go-hung about Christmas as he is, she in reality having sworn off Christmas and men following the break-up with her last boyfriend, who cheated on her. On the other side, Will admits to Hank that he agreeing to do the show is largely because he is attracted to Sophia. As such, Will and Sophia end up embarking on a relationship behind the scenes, she breaking an ethical code in dating the talent. Beyond the possibility of being caught which could ruin Sophia's career, a Sophia-Will happy ending is threatened by the tug-of war Sophia faces, between trying to be true to Will in presenting him as the kind soul he truly is, against Paul and by association the network's want for good television, which for Paul not only means playing up Will's good looks as the proverbial chick magnet by showing him without his shirt whenever possible, but presenting him as a lunatic chick magnet in this obsession of his with Christmas.

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Release Date:

Dec 15, 2018


United States



Production Companies:

Passionflix, Reel One Entertainment, Pender Productions
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