Forest (also know as Rengeteg) full movie is released on Sep 11, 2003. Watch Forest online - the Hungarian Drama movie from Hungary. Forest is directed by Benedek Fliegauf and created by Benedek Fliegauf with Rita Braun and Barbara Csonka.

We see people in a shopping mall; one man deliberately leaves a backpack behind in the crowd, which, in these nervous times, is decidedly unsettling. Seven vignettes involving the people we've seen are told. In the first segment, a young woman is annoyed to find a stranger has invaded the apartment she shares with another girl; he has brought with him a dog, which he says he will leave behind with the women, as it's his intention to commit suicide by setting himself on fire; he carries a petrol can. Story two involves two young men discussing a car they have probably stolen, but we never get to see the vehicle. Then comes the section, in which a husband complains to his wife that their 10-year-old daughter was kissed in a sexual way by one of her friends; the wife then accuses the man of invading the girl's privacy as she was showering, and we eventually see the child is secretly eavesdropping on the disturbing conversation. In subsequent segments, a couple of fishermen tell a tall tale to an incredulous girl; a woman argues with her husband, a woman-hating collector of pornography (the person who abandons the backpack); a wife tells her husband about her nightmares and the influence of her sadistic grandmother on her life; and, in a forest, two girls discuss a missing man. At the end we see all the people again in the shopping mall, the faces of the passers-by have become familiar.

As know as:

Rengeteg, Rengeteg, To dasos, Gąszcz, Forest





Production Companies:

Inforg Stúdió

Cast & Crew

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