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Long after the end of the world people wander the fields and woods that once housed the cities of Britain, in search of food, warmth and anything that may help them survive. One of these survivors is The Man (Max Curtis), haunted by the terrible deeds he did in his youth, he isolates himself from human contact. However, when he finds a Woman (Daniella Faircloth) in need of his help he inadvertently begins a relationship that will teach them both what it is to be human again. Meanwhile, a crazed Killer (Marcus Starr) stalks his victims, picking them off one by one, in a desperate search for vengeance and closure. As he approaches the end of his list the Killer begins to consider what he will do when his task is complete and he has nothing left to live for. A post-apocalyptic thriller, with strong elements of horror and drama, "Follow The Crows" is an unsettling look at a world stripped of technology and society, of humanity and the people whom inhabit this bleak, uncompromising and often violent world. When you have nothing, something is everything.

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Release Date:

Feb 01, 2018


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

22six Productions, Infinite 8 productions, Rrats Kram Film

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