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As the blackest of magic, summoned by the evil megalomaniac Lord Nekron, gives birth to a towering, ever-growing glacier, the remnants of humankind flee south, seeking shelter in the temperate, volcanic realm of generous King Jarol. With the unstoppable glacial mass devouring everything in its path, war draws nearer, and King Jarol's resilient and resourceful only daughter, Princess Teegra, finds herself in harm's way. More and more, the suffocating stranglehold of Nekron's sorcery tightens around the last of the survivors as his beastly minions emerge from the bowels of the Earth. Now, to save raven-haired Teegra, the young defender, Larn, selflessly embarks on a peril-laden quest in the heart of a hostile, monster-ridden land, risking life and limb to thwart Nekron's sinister plans. If Fire and Ice meet on the blood-soaked field of battle, who can guess the outcome?

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Release Date:

Aug 26, 1983


United States



Production Companies:

Polyc International BV, Producers Sales Organization (PSO)

Gross worldwide: