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FINDING DAD is a heartfelt quest for one woman's sense of identity, as she faces challenges of loss, class and race. Caught in the grips of grief, she feels alone like never before and goes searching for a sense of self - in the form of her estranged father. Her journey helps her realize that in fact, her family was there all along: in her best friend. Anita and Dee are Thelma and Louise, sisters from other misters and partners in crime. Like all the best friendships they have us laughing when we feel like crying. Their frank story is set against the backdrop of East London; its pie shops, cockney slang and OTT tinsel, its cold exterior, and warm heart. With a touch of fairytale magic (it is Christmas after all), FINDING DAD is an ode to friendship: a reminder that we each have the power to create our own family. It's a lm about loss, but it's mostly about being found.

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Release Date:

Nov 13, 2021


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

Madwomen, Orillo Films
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