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Amanda Elliott is a little girl with a problem. Her small town seems to have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. All the decorations, wrapping paper and cards she can find have Christmas trees, elves, snowmen, even PENGUINS -- but no Nativity, no manger, no wise men and no Baby Jesus. She's frustrated. But when the town abruptly takes down their annual Nativity scene (over a single complaint), Amanda can stand it no more. With her sister Susie and their friends, aided by her Aunt Mel and neighbor Mrs. Wilson, Amanda takes on City Hall in a fight to remind the people of her town that Christmas isn't Santa's birthday. As if that weren't enough, her pesky cousin Brian keeps getting deeper and deeper into some very serious trouble with some very bad people, cranky Town Councilman Ted Crowder fights them with threats and lawyers, the local news hounds them and streams their every move via the Internet to the whole town, and her aunt develops a crush on the town's Mayor. And what are they going to do about Jeremiah, the lost soul who is burdened with crushing grief over the death of his wife? How will they ever get everything set right? And how will Amanda ever get the town to understand that the focus of Christmas should be on Jesus??? It's going to take a miracle.

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Dec 07, 2019


United States



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Pisgah Productions

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