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Milan after twenty years of fascism, all youth associations are closed by the Duce, including the Italian scout association. A group of boys decided to say no, and founded the Aquile Randagie or the Stray Eagles; the group is led by Andrea Ghetti and Giulio Cesare Uccellini, who continue clandestine scout activities, they keep their promise: to help others in all circumstances. The group discovers Val Codera, an impervious plain near Milan, and makes it its base. Fascism however follows, spies and commits acts of violence against them. However, obstacles and violence do not stop the Eagles. After 1943, the boys started the clandestine scout movement which would support the resistance until the end of the war. Together with some teachers of the San Carlo college in Milan, they will join OSCAR - Catholic Scout Organisation Assistance Wanted and try to get over the Italian border and reach Switzerland with more than 2,000 people wanted by the Nazi-fascists.

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Sep 30, 2019





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Finzioni Cinematografiche

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Film Italia [EN]

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