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Chief Inspector Mark Brenner wakes up in the morning to find his lover dead in the living room, strangled with his own tie. He cannot remember anything, except that they had a quarrel the night before. His wife Kathrin, an ambitious politician, is on a weekend trip with their two children. He knows what he must do to save himself, his family, and his career in the Berlin police department. He disposes of the body and covers his tracks. Brenner thinks he has full control of the situation until a call arrives from his colleague Pia: in the heart of the city, a woman's dead body has been found. He hurries to the crime scene and his worst fears come true: it is the body he had buried far away in the woods. He takes over the case with Pia and young Simon Gerlach and must play his role as a cunning police investigator hunting a murderer, but his colleagues' mistrust rises. Brenner seems to be the victim of a perfidious plan, a perfectly staged campaign of revenge. Someone is always one step ahead of him--someone who knows what he has done.

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Release Date:

Oct 14, 2019





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CineCentrum Berlin Film- und Fernsehproduktion, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF)
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